New Herb Seeds

Our most recent additions are right here

We love herbs. They appeal to all our senses, add spice to our lives, and bring bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to our gardens, gardens that smell of lavender, rosemary, and mint. So, we’re always looking for new ones to share with you.

Savory and aromatic herbs have been welcomed in kitchen, scent, and apothecary gardens for centuries because they have so many uses. Herbs add bursts of flavor (and nutrients) to dishes and drinks and natural fragrance to soaps, potpourri, and homemade gifts, and they beautify spaces with lovely textures, seemingly endless verdant colors, and sumptuous scents.

Herbs work hard in the garden. They not only add diversity but also protect vulnerable varieties. Some repel pests. Some lure pests in, sacrificing themselves so vegetables may live to maturity. And others attract pollinators—higher numbers of pollinators mean bigger yields—and beneficial bugs. Did you know a single sweet little ladybug can eat several hundred aphids a day? Your roses will appreciate that.

Herbs grow easily, indoors and out, in the garden or in containers. And if you’ve ever tasted herbs picked fresh from the garden, you know nothing compares to homegrown. So, whether you devote a large space or just a few pots to herbs, don’t do without.

We are always adding new varieties. So, check back often to see what new herbs we’ve found, just for you.