New Perennials

Bring new life to your garden with these innovative introductions

Each season we strive to bring you the finest fresh flora available to revive and renew your perennial garden and containers. And since many of these innovative new introductions are bred to be stronger and healthier, often having greater cold hardiness and/or better insect and disease resistance, they’ll make your thumbs greener too.

In our search for new perennials, we not only look for unique flower and foliage forms, colors, and contrasts as well as enhanced flowering and reflowering, whether blooming earlier, longer, or with bigger, bolder blooms, but we also look for improved habits that are tidier and more compact to better fit today’s smaller gardens and patio pots.

So, whether you’re looking for new perennials to energize your sunny beds and borders or to enliven your shady spots, you’ll find them right here. And each season, we’ll present our most exciting new finds to get you out in the garden and put a smile on your face.