New Vegetable Seeds & Bulbs

Keep gardening exciting and taste buds tingling!

Although we’re known for having the largest variety of vegetable seeds, including traditional classics, heirlooms, and the unique and hard-to-find, we’re constantly on the lookout for the new and up-and-coming, whether new to the market or a “new” heirloom just finding its way back to our tables. We’re determined to keep your gardening experience exciting and your taste buds tingling.

For over 150 years, Park Seed has partnered with home gardeners to create beautiful and bountiful gardens. Your success is our success. And we’re proud gardeners have trusted and chosen us through all these years. We don’t take that lightly.

That’s why we make sure our vegetable seeds arrive to you garden ready. Always non-GMO, our seeds exceed industry germination standards and are packaged with extreme care. Many seeds are shipped in our exclusive Fresh-Pak gold foil packets to keep seeds fresh by keeping moisture out. Some small seeds are offered as clay-coated "pellets" to make sowing and growing easier. And very tiny or fragile seeds are placed in crush-proof vials to ensure they arrive perfectly intact.

We also bring you garden supplies that support your garden success, including the most popular seed-starting system in America: Bio Dome. It produces bigger, healthier, better-rooted seedlings, saving you countless seeds by eliminating thinning and double sowing.

Thanks for choosing us as your growing partner. We’ll always strive to bring you the very best seed and garden supplies. So, check back often to find out what exciting new veggies we’ve found, just for you.