Newport Window Box

Newport Window Box

The Quick and Easy Way to Add Blooms to Your Home

24 inch
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30 inch
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36 inch
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60 inch
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Create a mini garden wherever you want one! A modern update on the classic "hayrack" style, the Newport Window Box is an elegant way to add beautiful plantings to your deck railings, fences, and, of course, your windows. Use one as an accent planting, two to flank an entryway, or three to line a longer fence. Available in 24, 30, 36, 48, and 60-inch sizes, you can find just the right model to match your space!

The Newport Window Box is constructed of heavy-duty steel that is dipped in zinc and powder coated to prevent rust and UV damage, and finished in black so that it will complement most homes. The knockouts in the frame make surface installation quick and easy. Just attach the window box to a railing or other wooden surface. The hardware is designed to last for years and years of outdoor service with no need for cleaning or maintenance.

The pre-inserted coconut coir fiber lining is an excellent growing medium thanks to its great aeration, natural rot and mildew resistance, and its sponge-like water retaining capabilities. Coconut coir is also very ecologically friendly, since it uses a natural by-product of sustainable coconut harvesting. Bring your home to life this season with gorgeous foliage and blooms!

Dimensions: Approx. 8¼ inches wide x 8¼ inches deep x 24/30/36/48/60 inches long.