Night Flyer Oriental Lily

Night Flyer Oriental Lily

Magnificent Deep Burgundy Blooms!

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Take a flight of fancy with this beautiful wine-red lily! An award-winning Oriental (Division 1) Lily, Night Flyer displays great garden performance and some of the most gorgeous red-black blooms you will ever lay eyes on! The buds, blooms, stems, and even filaments are a plum red so deep they are nearly black. The satiny gleam across the petals makes an incredible elegant impression. Like Tiger lilies, it has dark mottled spots, but with Night Flyer the base color is so dark that these spots blend in for a very subtle effect.

While Asiatic varieties are often bred for their cutflower blooms and as a consequence can display rather poor garden performance, Night Flyer is a tried-and-true garden performer AND a cutflower-quality bloomer! Held out or somewhat pendant, these non fragrant blooms come on reliably every summer and offer substantial satiny blooms for months!

Oriental lilies tolerate light shade but prefer sun and an acidic, well-drained soil. Sandy soil enriched with organic material is ideal. Avoid planting near competing tree roots. Zones 3 to 10.