Non-Stop® Mocca Mix Begonia Seeds

Non-Stop® Mocca Mix Begonia Seeds

Rich Coffee-Colored Foliage!

(P) Pkt of 40 seeds
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Everyone loves gorgeous, high-performing, colorful NonStops®, and now they're available in a mix of all 5 colors -- with stunning dark brown foliage! Mocca Mix is just what this super-dependable tuberous Begonia has been looking for -- leaves as elegant as its double, semi-double, and crested blooms!

NonStop® has been "the" name in Tuberous Begonias for many years now, and the series just keeps getting better. This mix gives you all 5 bloom colors -- deep orange, orange, scarlet, white, and yellow -- on plants with long, pointed, lovely leaves of coffee-brown. They're easy to grow, bursting into bloom just 4 to 5 months from sowing, and containing a large number of double, semi-double, and crested forms for an even greater show!

Expect the flowers to reach anywhere from 2½ to 4 inches across, and to be exceptionally long-lasting. They begin in late spring from an early indoor sowing, and continue through summer and into fall. They don't call themselves "nonstop" for nothing!

The 10-inch-tall, 12- to 15-inch-wide plants boast a compact habit, and make perfect shade accents in containers or the garden. And if you love the Nonstops,® be sure to take a look at the trailing variety, lovely Illumination Pink!

Starting begonias from seeds can be challenging, which is why we offer pelleted seeds for easier germination. Begonia seeds need light to germinate, so place one pelleted seed on the top of each bio sponge in your Bio Dome. (Don't worry if one or two fall into the pre-drilled hole. They will probably germinate anyway; placing them on top is just an extra precaution!) Keep the humidity dome on the tray, and place the dome under a strong light. It doesn't have to be a grow light; a good kitchen fluorescent works very well, too. Germination usually takes between a week and 10 days, but don't give up on slow-sprouting seeds; a couple of weeks can elapse before they suddenly "wake up."

After the seeds have sprouted, keep them under lights all day, begin feeding through the bottom tray of the Bio Dome, and keep them well watered. (Keep the reservoir wet!) Do not transplant the seedlings until they have at least 2 sets of true leaves -- the more the merrier -- and outdoor temperatures are warm, with no chance of a freak frost. The NonStops® will bloom just a few months after sowing. Packet is 40 pelleted seeds.

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