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Malus Northpole™ Columnar Apple

Malus Northpole™ Columnar Apple

These apples are crisp, juicy, and borne in abundance

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Northpole is a columnar variety that virtually has no branches and bears fruit along the main trunk. Perfect for small spaces, this dwarf tree can even be grown in a large patio container and pruned heavily to maintain its small size. It is cold hardy to Zone 4.

The tree fruits 1 to 2 years after planting, producing pure white flowers in spring followed by a heavy crop of large red fruit in early September. Similar to McIntosh, the apples are crisp, sweet, juicy, and aromatic, good for fresh eating, cider, baking, and canning.

Apple trees require cross-pollination at blossom time for fruit to develop. Cross-pollination is the transfer of pollen, typically by honeybees, from one variety to a different variety of the same type tree. So, be sure to plant or place a second apple tree of a different variety within 100 feet of this tree. A greater distance between them may result in poor pollination. Keep in mind that most pesticides are toxic to bees and should not be used during bloom time. Bees are most active when the temperature is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit and winds are below 10 miles an hour.

This tree was developed from Geneva 202 root stock and is a non-GMO item, grown with sustainable and ecologically sound growing practices. It is 1 to 2 feet tall when shipped.

Uses: Small Gardening, Containers, Borders, Landscape Specimen