Nottingham Bird House with Shingled Roof

Nottingham Bird House with Shingled Roof

Perfect for any bird family!

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Adding whimsical charm to any space, this old English style home will leave you wishing it were large enough for you! The Nottingham Bird House is crafted from all natural and durable cypress. The home features interesting curves, making for an eye-catching shape and display. It seems like it was made for a woodland area, and would look warm and cozy tucked away in the shade under a moss-covered tree.

The cypress wood exterior is complete with a glossy, deep brown finish that resembles bark, adding an even more natural, yet sophisticated element to the home. The roof is made with real shingles that have varying tones. All of these natural colors and textures really make for an intriguing design, and add create the perfect home for any bird family.

Made from cypress, this home is super durable, thanks to the cypress tree's natural cypressene oil, keeping the house free of rot and decay. So, no need to worry about keeping such a beauty outdoors! Not only is this bird house magnificently beautiful, but it's also environmentally friendly. The pieces of wood used in construction would have otherwise been chipped or burned, and all wood was harvested in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council guidelines. This pieces is proudly crafted in the USA by skilled artisans.