Phlox Oakington Blue Eyes  - Pack of 6

Phlox 'Oakington Blue Eyes' - Pack of 6

Carpet the Garden Floor!

Pack of 6
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Starry lavender-blue blooms atop forest-green foliage makes a lovely carpet for any sunny setting in garden or container! This native American perennial is a fine groundcover, edging, or container subject, combining its weeks of blooms with evergreen foliage and easy care!

'Oakington Blue Eyes' is very low-growing, never more than 6 inches high yet dense and strongly colored, for a nice presence even in small plantings. Use it to edge the driveway or fill in a street island, carpet slopes and other hard-to-plant dry areas, and offer good soil coverage in the foundation, beds, and borders. There's almost no place in sun and well-drained soil that this Moss Phlox CAN'T go!

Spreading 12 to 24 inches wide over time, 'Oakington Blue Eyes' forms a dense mat, and you can help it get there faster by shearing the blooms back after they have passed in late spring. The needle-like foliage is evergreen, and will colonize thickly, choking out weeds and helping to prevent erosion. What a good choice for those garden trouble spots -- all 'Oakington Blue Eyes' needs is a season of pampering, and then it will be quite tolerant of drought, heat, and other hardships!

Even tolerant of light foot traffic (once established), this groundcover is a pollinator magnet. So easy, so beautiful! Give it a try this season; we know you'll love it! Zones 2-9. 6 pack includes 6 3½" pots