Heuchera Obsidian

Heuchera 'Obsidian'

Won't green out at the first hint of summer!

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Plant Patent #14,836. Like the polished jet-black stone for which it is named, Coral Bells 'Obsidian' is a magnificent gleaming beauty in the garden, its ultra-dark foliage contrasting beautifully with all the greens, blues, silvers, and yellows of the sunny to partly shaded garden. The darkest and most attractive Coral Bells yet, it's a charming presence in the border, as edging, or even as a spectacular groundcover for your best garden spots!

These leaves unfurl in spring a rich, midnight-green that really stands out. Unlike many dark-leafed Coral Bells, 'Obsidian' won't "go green" the minute the weather warms up -- it keeps its deep hues throughout the growing season, giving you months of exquisite color! Small cream-colored flowers on long, slender stems arise in early summer to complete the show. Try 'Obsidian' among such petite beauties as Geranium for an unforgettable display in the front of the border, in containers, or as edging.

Like all Coral Bells, 'Obsidian' is wonderfully tolerant of heat and humidity, and will withstand some drought, though it prefers water during long dry spells. Deer will not eat it, making it a good choice for woodland or exposed gardens. It puts up with unseasonable cold and severe winter weather very well, bouncing back in spring with a fresh display of hard-to-find loveliness. Butterflies are lured to its early-summer blooms, adding to the color show!

Space these plants about 15 to 18 inches apart. They will grow 10 inches tall (with 2-foot bloomspikes) and 15 inches wide. In spring Greyed Purple 187A but blacker. In summer the color is closest to Black 202A. If grown in shade the color is more olive, Brown 200A over Green 147A. Bottomside ? In between Greyed Purple 187A and Red Purple 70A. Zones 4-9.