Old Barnyard Mix Hollyhock

Old Barnyard Mix Hollyhock

Selected from an Old Vermont Barnyard!

3 1/2-inch Pot
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Every once in a while we just get lucky, as gardeners. We find an old stand of plants that are not only markedly different from the newer ones in their family, but also markedly better! That was our good fortune several decades ago when we happened upon an old abandoned farmhouse in Vermont. Blooming profusely in the barnyard were Hollyhocks. And unlike the ones seen in the catalogs and gardens of the time, these were richly colored and single-flowered. When we grew them ourselves, they re-seeded all over our border! The Old Barnyard Mix was born, and it just keeps delighting every new gardener who grows it!

These old-fashioned single-flowered blooms sport some of the darkest, richest colors known to the Hollyhock family, as well as cheery pastels and brights! Measuring anywhere from 3 to 5 inches long, they are held wide open, nearly flat, on very tall, thick, strong stems. They all boast a yellow center, and just keep coming (opening from the bottom of the stalk up to the top) on 4- to 6-foot stems.

The bloom is heaviest early in the summer, but these flowers continue into midsummer, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Several species of butterfly lay their eggs in this plant, so your garden might become host to a whole new generation of winged beauty!

When the final flowers arise on the plant, let them remain to set seed. Next spring, you will be treated to dozens of new hollyhock plants to replace the old! Space them about 2 feet apart in sun to part shade in fertile, moist soil. Hollyhocks are heavy feeders, so dress them with cow manure or other rich mixture to encourage them to really take off. And although perennial, they are not long-lived, so do keep at least a few of the new seedlings each spring to replace those that might not return for another season. If you are starting your Old Barnyard Mix stand this season, we urge you to buy at least 6 plants; the more you buy, the greater range of colors you are likely to grow! Zones 3-9.