Orange Dream Japanese Maple

'Orange Dream' Japanese Maple

Orange Picotee in Spring AND Crimson Foliage in Fall!

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Every season brings new foliage color to this magnificent Japanese Maple! In spring the finely-divided leaves emerge a bright chartreuse, each sporting a bold orange-red margin. In the summer heat, the leaves turn solid green. And in fall, they burnish a rich persimmon-red!

Slowly growing 15 to 20 feet tall and about 18 feet wide, 'Orange Dream' demonstrates superb tolerance of heat and humidity, flourishing in long southern summers as well as more temperate climates. If watered well during long dry spells, it is extremely tough, long-lived, and virtually care free. A fine addition to the border, it also makes a splendid specimen, accent, or foundation planting.

'Orange Dream' does best in acidic soil (of the same type that suits Rhododendrons and Camellias), but thrives in any well-drained spot receiving about half a day of sun (the high, dappled shade provided by large trees is ideal). Space trees about 12 feet apart for a solid line of magnificent color!

'Orange Dream' is an extraordinary addition to any garden. The spring color lasts for more than a month, and the autumn leaves blaze with a fiery glow over a long season. Its delicate appearance is entirely at odds with its robust, adaptable nature. You will treasure the frequent color changes, fine texture, and elegant form of this small beauty for many years to come! Zones 5-9.

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