Orange Skipper Coneflower

Orange Skipper Coneflower

As Lovely as the Butterfly It's Named After!

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Orange Skipper is a shout of brilliant color that dazzles in containers, beds, borders and vases as cut flowers. Its charming single flowerheads which are held aloft by sturdy stems look like little sunbursts of orange with raised dark centers that butterflies can't get enough of!

Starting early in summer, you will enjoy a season full of color drenched blooms. Summer ends this coneflower still has a treat for fall when its seedheads lure hungry little birds to your yard for a snack!

This Echinacea prefers full sun and moist, well-drained soil. It does well even in drought conditions and is very versatile when it comes to planting. Whether you love the sight of birds and butterflies in your garden, or simply enjoy the tenacious and vivacious beauty of coneflowers, Orange Skipper is sure to capture your imagination and steal your heart too!