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Emily Organic Basil Seeds

Emily Organic Basil Seeds

Perfect for your sun patio pot | High yielding and delicious

(P) Pkt of 100 seeds
Item # 52427-PK-P1
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Loaded with volatile oils, basil is responsible for the heady aroma and strong flavors essential to so many recipes. With a wide range of flavors and colors, basil is used in everything from making Italian pesto to flavoring vegetables and fish.

Basil plants, particularly the purple-leaved varieties, are also attractive in the flower garden, and many can be used as cut flowers. Basil can also be used as a companion plant to repel aphids, mites, and tomato hornworms. Compact but abundant, this bushy looking organic basil is a perfect herb for your sun patio pot.

Emily is an easy growing, tender herb who prefers warm growing conditions, so be sure to bring her inside if temps are below 60 degrees. A rich flavor makes Emily the perfect basil for pesto.