Organic Bean Antigua

Organic Bean Antigua

Bumper Crops on Compact Plants!

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Organic Bean Antigua wants to become your go-to bean for dependably heavy, delicious crops season after season! This widely-adapted, disease-resistant bean is simply scrumptious, delivering heavy yields in a wide range of climates. Give it a try this season!

This vigorous bush bean sets 5- to 6-inch-long pods of dark green. They are simply packed with sweet, succulent bean goodness. Seed development is slow, providing a long harvest window. And they arise very, very heavily on plants that stand up beautifully against Halo Blight and Anthracnose.

Beans are among Nature's easiest and most beneficial home garden crops. Direct-sow the seeds after all danger of frost is past in the spring garden. And after you harvest the beans, plow under the entire plant, so that it will enrich the soil for next year's garden.