Organic Fruit Seeds

Pick organic fruit, drop the man-made.

Homegrown organic fruits plucked from the tree or vine, warm from the sun and picked fresh—now that’s the flavor of summer. Fruit grown organically by you is a delight. And when you grow that fruit from seeds that are harvested and produced organically, you will elevate your backyard gardening satisfaction. From the flavor to the peace of mind, your organic edible garden delivers so many rewards. Not only do you have the freshest food for you and your family research shows that gardening makes you happy. And fresh, organic food may even help us feel better.

Park Seed has an assortment of certified organic fruit seeds for starting indoors or direct sowing. Some plants and seeds can even be grown indoors long term. You’ll be amazed at the taste and surprised by the ease with which you can grow organic fruit. Some types may take a few seasons to produce, but fruit trees are reliable producers over many years once they get started fruiting. Whether you’re growing organic fruit for this season, planning for future harvests, or adding to your orchard or vegetable garden, fruit is a terrific addition to an edible garden.

The term organic refers to the growing practices or farming methods utilized to produce seeds. When you purchase organic seeds, it means you are buying seeds that have not been exposed to toxic chemicals. In the United States, the USDA National Organic Program sets the standards by which operations must abide to be certified as an organic grower, plant purveyor, or seed producer.

Ready for your fruit harvest of succulent treats? Get started now for a single season or many seasons of sweet and delicious organic fruits.