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Oranos F1 Organic Pepper Seeds

Oranos F1 Organic Pepper Seeds

Crunchy-Sweet snacking pepper

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Organic Pepper Oranos is a sweet, crunchy, sugary pepper that always delivers big yields on vigorous plants, it is destined to be one of your all-time favorites. It's just easier, quicker, more generous, and more delicious than most others.

This sweet pepper looks a bit like a stretched-out, flattened-down mini bell pepper. The tips are blunt, and the seed cavity is nice and small. Most of the fruit is 2 to 3 inches long and about 1½ inches in diameter; enough for a few good bites, and just the right size to slice into a salad, dress a sandwich, or provide a quick vitamin C-rich snack.

Organic Pepper Oranos scores gives you a good crisp, crunchy bite. The yields are quite big, too -- no stinting from Organic Pepper Oranos!

The secret to its success is the wide adaptability and vigor of this plant. It puts up with a big range of environmental conditions. It will succeed where others have failed; it knows how to cope!

These peppers store well after harvest, keeping their texture and flavor nicely. Of course they can also be pickled. But they are so flavorful, chances are you'll eat up the whole crop before you have a chance to get the water bath going to can them up!

Start seeds indoors 7 to 10 weeks before the last anticipated spring frost date. Wait until the spring soil has warmed before transplanting the seedlings, and make sure they have at least 2 sets of true leaves. Set the transplanted seedlings (or thin the direct-sown seedlings) 2 feet apart in full sun, in rows about 3 feet apart. Fertilize when the blooms appear, and water well. Fruit can be picked green and allowed to ripen and turn to yellow in a sunny window, but is most colorful and nutritious if allowed to ripen on the plant.