Organic Vegetable Seeds

Treat your table to organic vegetables

Say goodbye to GMO seed-grown plants you’d buy at the grocery store. With Park Seed, we only sell non-GMO seeds, and we’re proud to be your source of professionally grown, certified organic vegetable seeds. These seeds are grown under the standards set by the National Standard for Organic Agriculture, ensuring the highest quality seeds cultivated from rigorously tested soil treated with only approved fertilizers and pest control.

Our selection of organic vegetable seeds ensure you’re putting only the highest quality vegetables on your table and your friends’ and family’s tables. Our vegetable seeds are perfect for container gardens, raised beds and ground plots. Grow organic vegetables in any size garden to fill your plate with nutrient-rich vegetables. And when you end up growing more than you can handle, freeze, can or share your organic vegetables!

Shop organic vegetable seeds with Park Seed today and treat your table to all-natural, great tasting, homegrown nutrition.