Organic Seeds & Supplies

Top-quality, professionally grown seeds & supplies!

We at Park Seed have always been committed to offering only untreated, non genetically modified (non-GMO) seeds, and we're proud to be your prime source of professionally grown certified organic seed! These seeds are grown under conditions mandated by the National Standard for Organic Agriculture, including rigorous soil testing and the use of only approved fertilizers and pest controls. Our selection of organic vegetable, herb and flower seeds is an example of our heartfelt commitment to our customers and they’re certified by Clemson University DPI.

Because growing organically is so labor-intensive for the farmer along with the cost of being certified each year, the food produced is more expensive than the mass-produced crops. This makes organic food at the grocery store prohibitively expensive for the average family budget. Growing your own food organically in a home garden will give you choices over the food you consume.

To grow organically is a commitment to the land you garden or farm to grow sustainably. Organic gardening promotes biodiversity to keep the food supply safe and healthy. The long-term goal is to leave the land better and healthier than you found it. Short-term goals include producing healthy food for you and your family without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Organic gardeners use compost to fertilize their gardens and deal with insect pests by using techniques like hand picking, companion planting and barrier cloth.

If you are organic gardening, it only makes sense to grow your food with seeds that are certified organic. This means that the seeds you are using came from plants that were grown organically. For most gardeners, the seeds are the one part of organic gardening that they cannot control. Park Seed is proud to offer the option of organic seeds online for our organic gardening customers.