Original Wave® Petunias

Original Wave — The Petunia that Started it All!

Petunia Purple Wave was introduced in 1995 as a "spreading" petunia, a new class. It immediately won an All-America Selection, and within a single season became the petunia of choice for American gardeners. Here was a petunia seed that took off like crazy, growing an incredible 2 inches per day at the height of the season and tossing out blooms by the hundred! Very low-growing, it works well as ground-cover, but has achieved the most popularity in hanging baskets, window-boxes, and tall containers.

Since Purple Wave arrived on the scene, spreading petunias have become a standard feature of every self-respecting patio and porch! Now there is Easy Wave, Double Wave, Tidal Wave, and Shock Wave, plus improved versions of the original Waves and exciting new colors in the series. Available both in annual plant and seed form, Wave is easy to sow, easy to transplant, and so easy to grow!

Choose your favorite Waves today and begin a flower display that will last for months and months in any sunny spot! Ride the Wave of one of the century's most exciting new plants!