Ornamental Corn Pink Zebra

Perfect for late-season decorating

(P) Pkt of 15 seeds
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Grown in late summer and fall, the Ornamental Corn Pink Zebra is perfect for a dramatic entrance into a new season. With strips of white, pink, purple, and green, your garden will be catching the eyes of everyone around. This ornamental corn is perfect for pots, container gardening, or landscapes.

Ornamental grasses are great for ground cover, low maintenance landscapes, and late season color. This unique and dramatic ornamental plant is one that you can plant and let go while it changes colors and looks all throughout the season.

You will even have small purple corn cobs form on the stalk which is great for fall decorations. The seed pack is 14 and the germination period is 2 to 3 days. In no time you will have a beautiful indoor house plant or outdoor porch decoration. What more could you want than to have long lasting colors throughout summer and fall.

Ornamental grasses come in various sizes, habits, and colors that can add interest and color to your landscape. They can grow under many different soil conditions and are usually disease and insect free. Add grasses around your flowers, trees, sidewalks, or beside a creek. As the colors change, so will your view. You will see the small purple corn like beads on the end of the stalk as the season changes which you can add to any centerpiece or bouquet. They really are one of the best plants to have.