Ornamental Pepper Seeds

Double the bang for your garden

These ornamental pepper plants are so beautiful you could grow them just for their visual appeal. Fortunately, ornamental pepper seeds deliver a large harvest, too, for double your garden benefit. You might be surprised by the variation and range of colors, shapes, and forms of ornamental peppers. The hues range from pastels to rich, true colors. Shapes include traditional bell peppers, thin tapers, and perfect orbs. Adding to the variety you can grow ornamental pepper seeds in mounded, shrub shapes, or climbing vines that chase up a trellis, net, cage, or tower depending on the type of ornamental pepper seed you choose to grow.

Plant ornamental peppers around the edges of your vegetable garden for their good looks, and some ornamental peppers can even deter garden pests for an added line of organic defense for your healthy garden. Once your ornamental peppers are planted in the garden or container, they are relatively carefree plants. Keep them well watered for the first week after transplanting. They like plenty of warm sun too. Some types can be grown as perennials in warm climates.

One of the most popular vegetables to grow, pepper seeds and ornamental peppers will thrive in your garden and each plant will reward you with ample fruits that can be enjoyed for their beauty. And most can also be harvested for adding peppery zing to your meals and side dishes.