Our Best Squash Collection

Our Best Squash Collection

5 Terrific Summer Squash!

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Everyone loves summer squash, and the quintet of favorites in this collection ensure that you get all the delectable flavors and looks of the season -- at a terrific price! From an AAS-winning pattypan to a baby zucchini that looks like a watermelon, these varieties are notable for their appearance as well as their flavor and garden performance. You will harvest the crop of a lifetime by growing all 5 this season!

Squash is so easy to grow! One of the Three Sisters of native American plants (the others are beans and corn), it is either vining or bushy in habit, and takes some garden space to grow. A sun-lover, it should be direct-sown into the spring soil when the warm weather arrives; it will not germinate if started in cold soil. Once you plant this seed, the work is done! Squash grows readily and harvests promptly.

You will love sampling the best summer squash varieties for pennies a plant with this terrific collection! 5 packets in all.