Oxalis regnelli

Oxalis regnelli

Add some luck to your landscape!

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You're in lock if you get your hands on this Oxalis regnelli, commonly known as Shamrocks! Deep green pinwheel foliage and lots of tiny white to whisper pink flowers on thin stems - this shamrock is pretty, easy, happy on a sunny windowsill or in the garden. Need some filler around the bottom of a mixed container, on the side of a deck, in pots along a porch edge, or indoors on a sunny windowsill? Poke in a handful of these bulbs and be prepared to blink at their incredible growth speed. Oxalis are some of the easiest plants to grow and the fabulous foliage looks great all season long! They're incredibly easy to grow just poke the little bulbs 1 inch into the soil. Add a little water and you're done. Who doesn't need a little more luck in their life? Get some for yourself when you plant these Shamrocks!

Note: These bulbs are dry cooled to ensure the highest industry standards. Each bulb variety has a particular start time in order to meet specific cooling requirements so that when growers receive the bulbs they are ready for an 8 week pot chilling process and growers do not have to endure a cooling process themselves.