Angelonia Serena® Mix Seeds

Angelonia Serena® Mix Seeds Pack of 100

Nonstop color for those hot, humid summers where few other plants are happy!

Pack of 100
Item # 51032-PK-100
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Serena® is a dream come true for Angelonia lovers -- the first variety EVER available from seed for the home gardener! Now you can grow this long-blooming, sun-loving, heat- and humidity-tolerant annual for pennies a plant!

Serena® is a bit shorter than other Angelonias, but that's all to the good. The 10- to 12-inch stems (much taller in the South -- up to 18 inches) sport long rows of splendid 3/4-inch blooms that open gradually over several weeks, giving you bright color all summer. And this is a well-branched plant 12 to 14 inches wide, with more flowering stems than you'd expect and such an easy-care nature!

This mix of all the lovely Serena® colors contains blue, purple, lavender, lavender pink, and white shades -- for unbelievably brilliant blooms!

Use Serena® as you would Salvia in the hot, dry garden. It doesn't need to be deadheaded after bloom -- fresh flowering stems simply arise to replace the old ones! -- and it attracts bees. Although it's quite drought tolerant, it also fares well in moist soils. And at just a foot high, it's ideal for containers!

The Serena® series contains other fine colors: lavender pink, lavender, and white. Challenge it to your hottest, driest, most difficult garden spot this summer, and I think you'll be amazed by the results!

Sow these pelleted seeds at about 74 degrees F. They'll sprout in less than a week, at which time you can grow them on at any soil temperature between 68 and 80 degrees F. Transplant into the sunny garden when they have at least 2 sets of true leaves and all danger of frost is past. They bloom 13 to 14 weeks from sowing. Pelleted seeds.