Paradise Island Calibrachoa Fuseables® Seeds

Paradise Island Calibrachoa Fuseables® Seeds Pack of 50

3 Colors in a Single "Seed"!

Pack of 50
Item # 51171-PK-50
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Grow your own Calibrachoa (Million Bells) containers for pennies a plant! Thanks to Fuseables® multiseed pellets, you can now sow just one or two pellets and enjoy a flowerpot or hanging basket overflowing with 3 colors of the popular Paradise Island series!

Fuseables® are a big breakthrough in growing from seed. Each pellet contains several seeds of each color, so when it is sowed, multiple seedlings arise. We recommend sowing just one pellet per 6- or 8-inch pot, or 2 to 3 per 12-inch basket. You won't believe the flower power!

And because these seedlings are sown together, the plants naturally grow up and through one another, giving you a better mix of colors in the finished combo. They look as though they are all one big plant!

Paradise Island is one of the brightest and most floriferous Calibrachoa varieties, and we are delighted that it is now available as economical seed. This well-branched, heat- and humidity-tolerant plant reaches 8 to 12 inches high and spreads up to 14 inches wide, blooming heavily all summer long in full sun with adequate water and food. You can't beat its ease and beauty!

In each pellet you will receive seeds of Paradise Island blue, rose, and yellow. Get ready to enjoy popsicle-bright colors that just won't quit!

Here's how to sow the seeds: they will germinate either with or without light, so begin them indoors in late winter, setting a single multiseed pellet on top of the bio sponge in your Bio Dome or on top of the grow mix in your seed flats. Keep the temperature between 72 and 75 degrees F, and make sure the bio sponge or grow mix is slightly moist. Germination takes about a week.

Once the seeds have sprouted, add light and keep the temperature above 70 for the first few weeks. They are ready to transplant when they have several sets of true leaves. That's all there is to it! Multiseed pellets.