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Painted Daisy Mix Seeds

Painted Daisy Mix Seeds

Merry Bull's-eyes in All Colors!

(P) Pkt of 100 seeds
Item # 52034-PK-P1
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Syn. Ismelia carinata

Every flower lover deserves a big stand of Painted Daisies, their merry bulls-eye patterns and multitude of bright colors delighting the senses with every new bloom. They are very easy to grow, and the best news is that once you sow your first batch of these annuals, they will obligingly re-seed for you, year after glorious year!

These blooms are just so cheery -- about 3 inches wide, with concentric rings of colors in two or even three brilliant shades. No two blooms will be just alike on these plants, which reach anywhere from 18 inches to 3 feet tall, and range from about 15 to 18 inches wide. Expect the first blooms by midsummer, and watch them keep going (faster if cut or deadheaded!) right into the middle of fall in most climates. What a season!

Painted Daisy thrives in full sun but doesn't mind a bit of shade. This is a seed you will want to direct-sow in the spring garden. When the plants are young, pinch back the tips to make them even more bushy and flower-filled. Deer and rabbits tend to leave Painted Daisy alone, but pollinators simply adore it, and you will love the parade of butterflies and bees this annual brings into the garden!

If you are growing Painted Daisy in an open setting such as a meadow garden, simply leave the final flowers on the plant, and they will scatter their seeds for next year. If you are growing them in a more restricted garden, or if you plan to mulch over the garden for winter, tie a paper back around the final blooms and collect seeds that way, for re-sowing in spring. Either way, you will have bull's-eyes aplenty to fill garden and vase, season after season! Painted Daisy is simply a treasure.