Pansy Flirty Skirts Yellow

Pansy Flirty Skirts Yellow

No More Shy Pansies -- these Blooms Beam Back at You!

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100% ruffled 2" blooms turn their faces out, not down! The plant is so well-branched that it erupts over the sides of containers and looks lush in the garden. Developed in Italy, this Pansy is a longtime Park customer favorite.

Ruffles and smiling faces are the hallmarks of this fantastic European variety, one of our classic favorites for many seasons now. These cheerful 2-inch blooms are 100% ruffled, as compared to older varieties where the ruffles tend to be erratic and scarce. And the flowers turn upward instead of nodding, giving you a much showier display than larger-flowered types that shyly hide their faces. Flirty Skirts is "the" container Pansy in Europe, and will create a sensation in your garden, too!

Flirty Skirts starts blooming earlier than older Pansies, too. Very well-branched and compact, this vigorous little plant begins setting buds faster than most others, and just doesn't seem to know how to stop. It's great in containers, but also looks fine in the annual bed, reaching just 6 inches wide and, when not in bloom, 6 inches high. The abundant flowers add another 3 to 6 inches to its side, spilling merrily in all directions. Very attractive and so easy! Packet is 25 seeds.

The seeds of both perennial and annual types can be sown indoors at 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Sow them at a depth of 4 times the size of the seed and expect germination in 10-20 days. Sow the perennials in mid-winter or early spring to produce plants that will flower that year. For a spring flower display with the annuals, sow them indoors at the same time, or sow them outdoors in summer and overwinter them in a cold frame (or plant them out in the South). Both the annuals and the perennials can be sown outdoors anytime from spring through fall, with germination occurring the following spring. When sowing seed outdoors, we recommend a maximum planting depth of 4X the width of the seed.

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Mildred Johnson from VA wrote on May 12, 2019

They are growing fast that I like