Beautiful Azaleas from Park

Beautiful Azaleas from Park's Landscapes

For bright spring blooms that bring butterflies into the garden, Azaleas are unsurpassed. These easy-care shrubs remain evergreen in some zones, offering good coverage for the foundation, patio, or border. They are very shallow-rooted and do not like to be disturbed once planted, so find an agreeable location for them, and let them grow and bloom for decades to come!

Crimson Azalea
Azalea girard 'Girard Crimson.' Girard Crimson produces a magnificent spring bouquet of large, rosy-red crimson flowers2½" wide.Its glossy green foliage has a tight and compact habit.This is the best hardy red azalea. Plant 1 to 2 feet apart. Z 5-9. 3'h x 32w.

Delaware Valley White Azalea
Azalea 'Delaware Valley White.' Evergreen, with a dense, spreading habit. In spring, masses of 2-inch white, single to semi-double blooms cover the shrub.Medium green foliage turns to yellow at the onset of fall.Z 5-10. 4'h x 3'w.

The Exciting New Encore Azaleas
Repeat-blooming Azaleas that flower in spring AND fall outdoors, or 11 months out of the year indoors!

The lifework of Louisiana Azalea lover Robert E. Lee, these evergreen shrubs are neat and compact, working equally well in the garden or in containers. Drought-tolerant and very easy to grow. A dream come true for northern gardeners! Zones 6 (with protection) -9, or anywhere in containers or indoors. Space 4 feet apart.

Encore Azalea Autumn Embers
2 1/2-inch blooms of scarlet.

Encore Azalea Autumn Twist
3-inch blooms of white to blush pink and purple.

All in the Family
Rhododendrons and Azaleas are very closely related, in fact they share the same genus!

Lavender Rhododendron
Rhododendron catawbiens 'English Roseum'. Large clusters of bell-shaped flowers make this one of the showiest Rhodies. It is ideal as a hedge. Space 3 feet apart. Z 4-8. 6'h x 4'w.

White Rhododendron
Rhododendron catawbiense 'Album.' An ideal accent plant in the landscape because of its showy white flowers and dense foliage. Deer-resistant, it attracts butterflies and is very low maintenance. Space 4 feet apart. Z 4-8. 6'h x 4'w.