Park News March 2011

And the Winner's Are...

Every year the All America Selection (AAS) organization announces the best new flower and vegetable seeds, based by independent analysis from experts in gardens all over the U.S. At Park Seed, a portion of our 9 acres of gardens is devoted to AAS trials each spring as we grow and evaluate new candidates for the award every year. (If you can visit us on Flower Day, you'll get to see all the hopeful 2012 candidates growing merrily!)

AAS candidates are judged on ease of culture, improvement over previous varieties, beauty (for flowers), productivity and flavor (for vegetables), and resistance to disease and pests. We love the AAS winners because they are evaluated for use in the home garden, not by experts in a lab or hot-house! You'll find that AAS winners always perform much better than expected, no matter what the weather does or how often you get into the garden to tend them.

The 2011 AAS Winners have been announced, and all are available for purchase on our website. (We always carry all the current AAS winners, and a good many of the previous ones as well. Look for AAS bursts on our website to uncover some real treasures!) The newest varieties are not in our catalog, so you can only find them online. We know you'll want to try at least a few in your garden this season, just to see what all the fuss is about! Here they are:

Viola Shangri La Marina Viola Shangri La Marina
Quicker to bloom than ever, and a new color combo for the family!
Gaillardia Arizona Apricot Gaillardia Arizona Apricot
An entirely new color on big daisies that bloom in no time!
Salvia Summer Jewel Red Salvia Summer Jewel Red
More blooms than ever before, and over a longer season!
Ornamental Kale Glamour Red Ornamental Kale Glamour Red
Pumpkin Hi