Park Seed Exclusives

Park Seed Exclusives
  • Park's Whopper CR Improved Tomato Seeds Park's Whopper CR Improved Tomato Seeds

    The original Whopper was an American classic, and its successor is simply the home gardener's dream tomato: greater disease resistance, higher yields, a longer season, and better taste!

  • Park's Beauty Blend Radish Seeds Park's Beauty Blend Radish Seeds

    The Park's Beauty Blend Radish Seeds are a mix of 5 stellar varieties in every color of the radish rainbow, guaranteed to step up the plate appeal of any dish, not to mention the peppery flavor!

Bright and Beautiful Flowers
Crouching Tiger Zinnia Peppermint Cosmos Flower

We are extremely proud to offer a wide selection of plants, seeds, and gardening accessories that you will only find here at Park Seed! Our determination to consistently provide products that are unique and of the very highest quality means you will discover beautiful treasures for everything from your vegetable garden to your patio containers and everywhere in between. Browse through all of our Park Seed Exclusives here.

Savory Vegetables
Sweet Rainbow Peppers Park's Hybrid Cucumber

We are proud to offer the best selection of vegetable seeds and plants available anywhere. Whether you're looking for hybrids, heirlooms, organics, or open-pollinated varieties, for large plots, small spaces, or containers, we have something special, and delicious, to offer. Each one is tested in our trial gardens to ensure quality, hardiness, adaptability, and naturally, flavor! Browse through all of Park Seed's exclusive vegetables here.