Park Seed Official Press Release - Annual Combinations

Take a look at 10 combinations you’ll LOVE! Take a look at 10 combinations you’ll LOVE!

Now that Annual season is almost over, the gardening experts at Park Seed have had plenty of time to determine which combinations are the absolute best. This top 10 list includes customer favorites, new combinations that have gotten rave reviews, and some older favorites that just look gorgeous in the greenhouse.

The trend among these hot combinations is that they all have a distinctive look that sets them apart from the standard brightly-colored flower mixes. Unusual color combinations, a greater use of foliage, and more interesting texture combinations are just some of the features that have made these 10 annual combinations big winners!

10. Bold Dramatic Combination was selected for its ingenious use of coleus and trailing sweet potato vines.

9. Lemon Meringue is a bright and cheerful mix of lovely Lantana flowers.

8. Pink and Ink makes a strong counterpoint between dramatic midnight-black foliage and bright pink florets!

7. Waterbury was selected for its refreshing, tropical color scheme.

6. Pixie Dust is beyond enchanting thanks to its sparkling blend of black, white, and silver.

5. Spring Decorations offers a wide array of textures in a red, white, and blue color scheme!

4. Trixi® Double Delight sets spheres of fiery blooms amidst a sea of buttery yellow and white.

3. Confetti Garden Glossy Strawberry offers sweet fragrance and vivid colors.

2. Do You Lilac It possesses not only a great name, but also a rarely-seen combination of purple and silver.

1. Pink Lemonade™ is number one thanks to its riot of hot pink, light blue, and buttery yellow blooms!

If you haven’t ordered all your annuals yet, you are almost out of time! Most garden companies only ship annuals for a few more days, so this is your last chance to order a designer look with a single click!

For more information on annual combinations, visit or contact us directly by calling our public relations department at 1-864-941-4521.

Happy gardening!