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Parks Ultimate Flower Garden Collection

Park's Ultimate Flower Garden Collection

Fill Garden, Patio, and Home with Bright Color!

Ultimate Flower Garden Collection
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Whether you're just beginning to garden or are a seasoned pro, you'll love the convenience and success of starting seeds the Bio Dome way. This seed-starting system is the most popular in America for the simple reason that it saves you countless seeds by eliminating thinning and double-sowing. Seedlings grow up quick and strong, and transplanting is a snap. So in this collection you get the original 60-cell Bio Dome, plus 8 flowering annual and perennial varieties from seed. You will simply love what you can grow!

Issued to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Park Seed Company, this collection is the most economical we have ever offered. You get 8 of the best and most beloved flowering varieties, specially chosen for their ease of growth and beautiful blooms. And you can re-use the Bio Dome endlessly, simply replacing the Bio Sponges in which the seedlings are grown.

Using the Bio Dome is a snap -- in fact, it's so easy that it's perfect for children and those with accessibility or mobility issues. Just place one seed in the pre-drilled hole in each bio-sponge, pour a little water into the bottom of the tray, and cover with the clear plastic dome. Now all you have to do is wait 'til the seedlings emerge!

Here 's how to sow seed in the Bio Dome: there are 60 planting cells, each with a pre-drilled hole. Drop just one seed into each hole, and bottom-water the tray so the Bio Sponge can wick up the water from the base as it is needed.

When the seedlings have at least 2 sets of true leaves (the first 2 "leaves" are actually cotyledons and will wither and fall off; don't be alarmed!), they're ready to be transplanted into your garden. But don't go by the calendar -- use the weather forecast and your own good judgment! You'll want to wait until all trace of frost is past. Then you can plant the seedlings in their new home and begin the exciting process of watching them grow and bloom!

Growing a flower garden is easy, fun, and so rewarding. Share the gift of beauty with someone special! Give them Park's Ultimate Flower Garden Collection, and make gardening a joint project!

In this collection you get 8 varieties (it was supposed to be 7, but we couldn't resist throwing in a free packet of Park's Picks Zinnia Mix, because it's our bestselling flower and you will be amazed by how big and beautiful the blooms are!). Have fun trying these classics, newcomers, and sure-fire successes everywhere in your landscape!