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Parks Complete LED Light and Starter Kit

Park's Complete LED Light and Starter Kit

Everything you need to start from seed

Item # 26178
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We are very excited to introduce this complete seed starter and plant growth kit. It contains everything you need to begin the garden indoors, root cuttings, overwinter tender plants, and give any seedling or plant the perfect amount of heat and light to enable it to thrive indoors. You will find it endlessly useful throughout your gardening career, and we highly recommend you give it a try this season.

Collection Includes:
Adjustable light stand with full-spectrum and blue spectrum LED grow lights provided by two 2-foot-long, 19-watt bulbs (included). These lights are estimated to have 25,000 hours of life, cover 2 feet by 2 feet of space, and emit very little heat.
Sturdy growing tray with a clear vented humidity dome
72-cell divided tray of Jiffy peat disks (included, and we've got replacements when you're ready for them—see item 09093)
Heat Mat
Fifty 4-inch white label sticks
Waterproof marker to use for labeling

All you add is seeds, an outlet for the lights and heat mat, and water to rehydrate the Jiffy disks. We recommend leaving the LED light on for 18 hours a day while you are growing seedlings, to simulate high-summer conditions in the garden.

The light stand measures 23 inches high, 26 inches long, and 12 inches deep. It comes with an adjustable chain, so you can hang the light as close to or far away from your plants as needed, within the 23-inch height of the stand.

The seed-starting tray and dome together reach 22 inches wide by 11 inches high, while the heat mat is 19½ inches long by 9 inches deep.

This is a comfortable size for a tabletop, counter, or even the top of the fridge (that time-honored position for seed starting). As your plants grow, you can remove the humidity dome and adjust the lights as you wish, ensuring that you get just the right amount. It's a custom greenhouse in miniature.

Park's Complete LED Light and Starter Kit is designed to last a lifetime, and we guarantee you will be delighted by its versatility and reliability. When you're serious about gardening from seed, this is the system you need. Highly recommended.

19 watts