Parks Culinary Herb Seed Collection

Park's Culinary Herb Seed Collection

Everything You Need for a Fragrant, Delicious Herb Garden!

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What a bargain! This collection gives you just about every culinary herb you'll need for a season of delicious, aromatic eating -- for less than you'd pay for three or four "fresh" bunches at the supermarket!

This collection includes both annual and perennial varieties, for a long-lasting and delicious parterre or kitchen garden. Herbs make excellent pest repellents in the garden, keeping some nibbling insects away from your ornamental plants, so consider scattering them liberally throughout the beds and borders of the garden. All the neighboring varieties will be the better for it!

Sow these herbs indoors in late winter for earliest crops. They are ready to transplant when they have at least 2 sets of true leaves and the soil is warm in spring.