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Parks Exclusive Tomato Collection

Park's Exclusive Tomato Collection

Only need 4 tomato varieties? These are the ones

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How to choose among the dozens and dozens of tomato varieties out there? When in doubt, always go for quality—and that would mean the 4 varieties in this premier collection. For one low price, you get all the tomatoes (and more) a family would need for a huge harvest of the very best beefsteak, slicer, vine-ripened, and cherry types.

This collection brings you the best and most exciting varieties for your tomato garden, so even if you've never started a tomato seed before in your life, you can soon be harvesting big, yummy fruits. If you are an experienced garden, welcome to the very finest in tomatoes for the home gardener. We stake our reputation on these varieties, and they have never let us down.

For best results, we recommend starting the seeds indoors in late winter using Park's Bio Dome. If you do not have a Bio Dome, a seed flat or Jiffy 7's will work as well. Let the seedlings develop at least 2 sets of true leaves (the first pair of "leaves" are actually cotyledons, and will fall off as the seedling grows) before transplanting into the warm spring garden. And if the seedlings are stretched (a frequent problem when plant grow lights are not available), you can actually plant them horizontally, burying the stem up to the lowest set of leaves. The plant will sprout roots underground all along the stem. It's a nice little break that tomatoes give us . . .

Tomatoes need plenty of sunshine, water, and food. The four varieties in this collection are all indeterminate, which means that they will continue to grow and set new fruit all summer long. To do this, they need support. When you transplant the young plants in spring, set up a tomato cage around them, install a growing spiral, or give them some other form of vertical support, tying the heavy stems to the support as they begin to set fruit. You will have much heavier yields and healthier plants if you do this.

Have a great season, and let us know which tomato turned out to be your favorite.

Collection includes these 4 packets:
Whopper Improved
Park's Legacy
Park's Season Starter