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Parks Flower Lovers Garden Collection

Park's Flower Lovers Garden Collection

A true flower lovers dream!

Flower Lovers Collection
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One of the best collections we have! This lovely flower collection includes some gorgeous varieties that you, your garden, and your pollinators will love! This collection includes Anemone Harmony Double Mix, Coneflower PowWow Wild Berry, Coleus Giant Exhibition Complete Mix, Celosia Dragons Breath, Muhlenbergia reverchonii Undaunted, Petunia Shock Wave Deep Purple pelleted seed, Geranium Maverick Scarlet, Zinnia Parks Picks Mix, and last but not least, our Park's Original Bio Dome with 40 Jumbo Cells!

Harmony Double Mix contains scarlet, blue, orchid, pearl, and white blooms, 3 to 3.5 inches wide on average, set at the end of sturdy stems that make excellent cut-flowers. This plant is only 12 inches high in full bloom, and seldom exceeds 8 inches wide. Yet the flowers are large and very abundant two seasons a year!

PowWow Wildberry Coneflower seeds are SO PROFUSE on these compact little plants, beginning in early summer and then going right into fall until nipped back by frost. Like all Echinacea, 'PowWow Wild Berry' attracts butterflies and bees to the fresh blooms in summer and birds to the seed-filled cones in autumn and winter. It's simply a magnificent addition to any garden!

In the Complete Mix Giant Exhibition Mix you get large foliage on small plants. Most of the leaves are 6 to 7 inches long and 4 inches wide, yet the plants are very compact -- 12 to 15 inches high and wide! They arise in all the colors for which Coleus is known -- burgundy, scarlet, maroon, bronze, cream, pink, and white -- and sporting interesting touches, such as neatly-serrated edges or dramatic veining. You will love these old-fashioned beauties, reselected for modern vigor and terrific garden or container performance!

This variegated Cockscomb offers red-hot plumes above olive-green leaves edged in and shot with red accents. A late-flowering variety, it holds beautifully, thrives in heat and humidity, and doesn't mind drying out a bit between waterings. It's the answer to the container gardener's biggest summer dilemma, and a boon for any sunny setting! Dragon's Breath is a magnificent presence in the annual bed, patio pot, and vase. It grows quickly and flowers over a long, late season, extending the glory of the Celosias into fall. And there is simply nothing like it in terms of eye-popping, irresistible colors.

Undaunted® is a species of Muhlenbergia known as Ruby Muhly (though the old folks prefer its less romantic name of Seep Muhly!) for its darker, redder blooms. Native to Texas and other parts of the southwest, it offers handsome gray-green foliage held in a lovely arching spray on plants that seldom reach more than 15 to 18 inches high and 24 inches wide. The flowers begin in late summer and continue through autumn into winter, turning from clear, sparkly burgundy through shades of mauve and rose to rich amber.

The original Wave® Petunias transformed the way American gardeners grew Petunias. Once a bedding plant, suddenly these new spreading types made every hanging basket and windowbox awash with bold color that just kept coming and coming! Well, now there is an even better Wave® -- the new Shock Wave® series of earlier, more weather-resistant, self-cleaning blooms. They begin much sooner in spring, thanks to less day-length sensitivity, and they keep coming all summer and into fall. And the old blooms obligingly drop from the plants, so no more deadheading for you!

Oh, how we love the Mavericks! They are a southern gardener's salvation, thriving even in the sopping-wet humidity and searing heat of our summers. Other container plants look wilted even the same day you water them, but never Maverick. It's compact, well-branched, large-flowered, and thoroughly agreeable to weather extremes. We wouldn't want anything less for our terracotta pots and white windowboxes.

The brightest and best large-flowered Zinnias we know for the garden, bar none! This mix offers stunning Dahlia-flowered blooms at the end of very long, strong stems, in 12 bright colors! The waxy, tightly packed petals create a pompon bloom that is almost incredibly full, dotted by a cheerful greenish-yellow central eye. And these tall, bushy plants just keep producing all season long!

This 40 jumbo cell Bio Dome is a little powerhouse from Holland that bears almost no resemblance to other seed kits, which tend to produce spindly sprouts with curled-up roots and limp stems. The seedlings in Park's Bio Dome with 40 Jumbo Cells grow to a uniform height and width, thanks to the spacious distance between each growing cell. And our growing medium -- the Bio Sponge -- encourages root growth downward, NOT in an upward spiral that eventually strangles the plant!