Parks Intense Light Grow Shelves

Park's Intense Light Grow Shelves

Our Finest Growing Stand Just Got Better!

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Grow beautiful flowering plants anywhere indoors with this completely customized lighting system and plant stand! Easy to assemble and sturdy enough to last a lifetime, this is an improved version of the unit that Park customers have used for years to grow from seed and to nourish indoor flowering plants!

Perhaps the best thing about Park's Intense Light Grow Shelves is its amazing versatility. The 2 racks are 49 inches long and 18 inches wide, each easily accommodating 4 standard 10x20 grow trays. But in addition we have customized the shelves with 2 inner cross-beams to perfectly hold up to 5 Bio-Domes on each shelf!

Above each rack, mounted on chains, hangs a 48-inch fluorescent fixture with four T8 cool-white fluorescent grow lights. Adjust the lighting in a flash by raising or lowering the chains until you achieve optimal intensity and proper distance from the plants! The entire unit is on casters for easy mobility and clean-up -- but if you don't want them, they're removable!

At one side of the unit is a power strip with six 3-prong outlets, so you never run short of power even when you're using heat mats and other electricals. Park's Intense Light Grow Shelves assembles in minutes with a screwdriver! It doesn't get much easier and more versatile than that!

Here's exactly what you get with the unit:

The frame -- Made of lightweight, square brown enameled aluminum tubing, 47 inches tall, 49 inches wide, and 18 inches deep

The growing racks -- 2 brown enameled aluminum racks, 48 inches long and 18 inches deep

The lights -- 8 T8 cool-white fluorescent tubes in 2 48-inch fixtures attached to adjustable chains.

The casters -- 4 removable casters.

How long should grow lights be kept on per day and how close to the plants should the light be kept?
Grow lightsFor germination and seedling/plant growth, you want to simulate the natural day-night cycles, and as a general rule, grow lights should be on 8-12 hours per day and off at night. You can vary this timing, as some seeds such as tomato, pepper, petunia, impatiens, and others, benefit from 14-17 hours of light per day (and the remainder of the 24 hour period in darkness). The most common grow lights used are fluorescent; using cool white, warm white, and wide-spectrum fluorescent tubes. These lights work well for germination and for growing plants up to a transplantable size. Fluorescent lights should be kept close though, 3-6 inches above the soil or the growing plants, adjusting the height as the plants grow.