Parks One-Step® Bio Dome

Park's One-Step® Bio Dome

The Best of Both Worlds!

One-step Bio Dome
Item # 39590
Available to begin shipping on Jan 29, 2020.

Love the Bio Dome but can't resist Park's One-Steps®, the compressed peat disks that swell up to a good transplant size? Now you can have both!

Our new Bio Dome contains the same climate control and base-watering features as the rest, but instead of a Styrofoam planting block with sponges, you get 8 wells for your One-Steps!® The green tray is recessed to fit 8 compressed peat disks, which swell up when immersed in water, and offer a great growing environment for seeds and seedlings. Also known as Jiffy-7s, these disks have been popular for many years. And now you can combine them with the Bio Dome environment for the best of both worlds!

Park's Bio Dome Seed Starter is the most popular and successful way to begin seeds and grow on healthy seedlings we have ever used. Gardeners rave about it, because the sturdy green base tray is ideal for bottom-watering and -feeding, while the clear top dome is ventilated for humidity control and premium air circulation. You control the airflow in the Bio Dome, so you can tailor the atmosphere to the needs of the specific type of seeds you are germinating and plants you are growing!

At transplant time, simply plant the entire One-Step®, outer netting and all, into garden or container. The roots grow out and through the net, which biodegrades completely over time. There's no easier nor more successful way to garden!

The overall dimensions of Park's One-Step® Bio Dome are as follows:

Base: 1 15/16" H x 12 15/16"L x 6 15/16"W.

Top: 4 5/8"H x 12 1/2"L x 7 1/8"W

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