Parks Organic Cover Crop Seeds

Park's Organic Cover Crop Seeds

Sow Anytime for Better Soil!

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A Park Exclusive!

Suppress weeds, control erosion, feed the soil, and attract beneficial insects into the garden with this "green manure" or Certified Organic cover crop. Our own exclusive mix, it keeps the garden healthy as it grows, then "feeds" it when it is mature. Just till it back into the soil! It's the easy, all-natural, environmentally friendly way to build terrific soil for your plants.

This mix contains red clover, bell and faba bean, field pea, barley, reeves oats, and winter rye. Sow it in anytime from early spring to midsummer in the north, or up to late fall in the south (where it will go into winter). When the crops mature or the weather dictates, just mow the plants down and work them back into the soil. These rich legumes and grains help fix nitrogen in the soil, creating a fertile home for next season's crop. Ideal for vegetable gardens, it is also highly recommended for annual and perennial beds and borders, wildflower meadows, and any garden spot that needs a boost!

Planting guidelines: Use 1/4 oz for 100 sq. ft. A 1/4 pound pack will cover approximately 1,600 sq. ft. One pound will cover approximately 6,400 sq. ft. We recommend the use of an inoculant for best results. Our Nature's Aid Garden Granular Inoculant is the perfect product to use.