Parks Pepper Pens - Pack of 3

Park's Pepper Pens - Pack of 3

Easy and durable support for tomato plants

33 inches high Galvanized Wire
Item # 26114-PK-3

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Love the Tomato Pens but need something a bit shorter for peppers, eggplants, and other vining veggies that appreciate support for their heavy fruit? Park's Pepper Pens are the answer!

Boasting the same 14½-inch width as our Tomato Pens, this pen is just 33 inches high. Once you bury 7 inches of wire (the ends are pointed for easier insertion) into the soil, you are left with 26 inches of aboveground support for your plants. Manageable, super-sturdy, and just the right size!

Like Park's Tomato Pens, the Pepper Pens are constructed of heavy 8-gauge galvanized wire for many years of tough performance in your vegetable garden. Park's Pepper Pens stand up to winds, rain, and other rough treatment beautifully. They are stackable with Extenders, and fold flat for storage when the season ends.

Pack of 3 pens