Park Seed Salsa Vegetable Seed Collection

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Everything you need to make your own homegrown salsa for all your favorite Mexican dishes

Salsa is a flavorful and versatile condiment. Of course, it's the fresh and healthy addition to all our favorite Mexican dishes, but it can also brighten even the dullest meals. It tops beans, omelets, and baked potatoes. It replaces ketchup on burgers and, with a little high-quality olive oil, dressings on salads. It can be an ingredient in meatloaf, rice, or grits, and it can be mixed with other condiments or butter for new creations. Oh yea, it's also good on chips.

Making salsa at home is super easy. And when you grow your own ingredients with Park Seed Salsa Vegetable Seed Collection and make it at home with fresh vegetables from the garden, you can not only make it to your taste but also make sure there's no unhealthy hidden ingredients.

Salsa is a great way to get a few more healthy vegetables on your plate. And it freezes well, so you can extend summer's goodness throughout winter.

Park Seed Salsa Vegetable Seed Collection Includes:

Garden Salsa Hybrid Pepper (25 seeds): a medium-hot chili pepper developed just for salsa, giving it a nice little bite.

Calypso Cilantro (100 seeds): delectable leaves packed with flavor.

Green Onion Parade (1000 seeds): attractive, heavy-yielding green onion.

Supremo Hybrid Tomato (10 seeds): extra-large, deep red roma tomato.

Walla Walla Sweet Onion (200 seeds): mild, sweet onion, like Vidalia onions.


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Item Form Seeds
Additional Characteristics Edible, Herbs
Uses Cuisine

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