Parks Seed Starting Trays - Bottom Trays

Park's Seed Starting Trays - Bottom Trays

The most economical and effective way to start your entire garden from seed.

Bottom Trays (4)
Item # 96376
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When it's time to get serious about starting the garden from seed, rely on Park's Seed Starting Trays to give your seedlings a great start in life. These bottom trays are made of reusable plastic, very lightweight yet durable. They hold seed flats or inserts in just the quantities you desire, acting as runoff trays for irrigation and as a simple, effective way to group large numbers of seedlings together on your countertop, potting bench, refrigerator, or other seed-starting surface.

Each tray measures 11 inches wide, 22 inches long, and 2 1/8 inches deep, with a generous rim for easy grip. They are perfectly sized to hold the number of inserts you desire: one 36-cell, 48-cell, or 72-cell insert. Easy to clean and stackable, they are a great way to begin the garden indoors for earlier blooms and bigger fruit!

You will receive 4 bottom trays with your order.