Parks Top Zinnia Seed Collection

Park's Top Zinnia Seed Collection

All our best Zinnia seeds!

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One stop shot for all the best of our Zinnia seeds. Create an ocean of color and beauty in your garden with the brightest and biggest Zinnias! These are strong and fast growing and you will not be disappointed in the results of our Top Zinnia Seed Collection!

Park's Picks Mix Zinnia Seeds offers stunning Dahlia-flowered blooms at the end of very long, strong stems, in 12 bright colors! The waxy, tightly packed petals create a pompon bloom that is almost incredibly full, dotted by a cheerful greenish-yellow central eye. And these tall, bushy plants just keep producing all season long!

Magellan Mix Zinnia Seeds introduces bigger, more abundant blooms than ever before! These fully double, petal-packed beauties reach up to 5 inches wide and arise profusely all over neat, well-branched little plants scarcely more than a foot high! If you love the bold colors and indestructible garden presence of Zinnias, please treat yourself to this long-blooming, ultra-robust dwarf variety!

Swizzle™ Cherry and Ivory Zinnia Seeds give you not two but THREE layers of brilliant color on large flowers! What's more, the plant habit is neat and dwarf, so even if you've just got a little space, you can grow a LOT of color with these super-easy sun-loving annuals!

Tudor Zinnia Seeds regaling you with enormous, fully double, intensely colored 3½-inch blooms all summer long. These giant blooms simply radiate bold color in the early summer garden.

Swizzle™ Scarlet and Yellow Zinnia Seeds sports giant 3- to 4-inch blooms, packed with petals and completely covering the petite 10- to 12-inch plants! The large inner circle of each bloom is radiant scarlet, tipped by a generous edging of golden! Fantastic for cutting, these flowers also make a huge impression in the garden because they are so low to the ground and profuse on neat little plants.