Parks Vegetable Lovers Garden Collection

Park's Vegetable Lovers Garden Collection

The perfect collection for any veggie lover!

Vegetable Lovers Collection
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The ultimate vegetable lovers collection! This collection includes some of the best veggies from Park Seed along with the amazing Bio Dome with 40 Jumbo Cells! You will receive the Cucumber Sir Crunch A Lot Hybrid, Squash Early Summer Crookneck Organic, Tomato Ladybug Hybrid, Eggplant Amadeo Hybrid, Cantaloupe Ambrosia Hybrid, Pepper Park's Whopper II Hybrid, Pepper Park's Whopper Jalapeno Hybrid, Tomato Park's Whopper CR Improved, and the Park's Original Bio Dome with 40 Jumbo Cells!

Sir crunch a lot has glossy dark green cukes reach 8 to 10 inches long, borne on compact and open-habit plants that make harvesting easy and spine-free. They look as good as they taste, and you'll always get big yields on these plants, thanks to their resistance to cucumber mosaic virus, leaf spot, and blight/target spot. If you've ever had trouble growing cucumber plants before, Sir Crunch a Lot is the one to try for surefire success.

One of the most delectable Summer Squashes, this creamy crookneck is mild, sweet, and full of flavor. The star of any setting, it's just the centerpiece you need for your organic vegetable garden! Pick these fruits when they're small -- 5 to 6 inches long is ideal -- and super tender. They have a creamy consistency and a gentle bite, so even children love to see the swan-necked fruits make their appearance in the kitchen!

Ladybug Hybrid Tomato Seeds are ultra sweet with good solids to gel ratio. These little 1-ounce fruits are very resistant to cracking, the scourge of many a Cherry Tomato. They arise by the hundred on indeterminate plants! If you're thinking about growing a Cherry this year, give Ladybug a try!

The heaviest-bearing eggplant is also the most delicious! Amadeo is renowned for its huge yields of succulent, nutty, bitterfree fruit on spineless plants. Easy to pick and irresistible on the tongue, this is THE eggplant you need for the veggie patch. Amadeo is a spineless plant reaching about 3 feet high, well-branched and vigorous. You will probably need to support it once it begins bearing the heavy 5-inch-wide, 8-inch-long dark purple to black eggplants -- the bounty is simply too great for this compact plant to hold up alone!

A trusted favorite for many years, Ambrosia lives up to its name with luscious salmon-red flesh and a juicy, tender, extra-sweet flavor that simply melts in the mouth! The melons produce very small seed cavities, saving the extra space for more delectable flesh! And they arise very abundantly on vigorous vines with great tolerance of Powdery Mildew. A reliable favorite that will turn you away from store-bought cantaloupes forever!

This Whopper II Bell Pepper is fully 4 inches across and 4 inches long. It is unsurpassed for appearance as well as taste! Inevitably drawing astonished stares in our trial gardens, the fruits have very thick walls and a sweet, juicy, crisp, and tender flavor perfect for raw or cooked eating. Plants bear excellent yields, their foliage shielding the fruit from sunscald. As the peppers mature, they turn from bright green to red and the flavor sweetens still further. Resistant to tobamo po virus and bacterial leaf spot, Whopper II receives top ratings from Florida to California! We are proud to give it our stamp of approval, the High Performer symbol.

The original Whopper was an American classic, and its successor is simply the home gardener's dream tomato: greater disease resistance, higher yields, a longer season, and better taste! These big, juicy, crack-resistant tomatoes, 4 inches or more across, ripen uniformly (even when the weather is overcast!) and finish 5 days sooner than the old Whopper. Then they keep right on coming in huge quantities until frost -- none of your smaller, greener end-of-season fruits here!

Park's 40 Jumbo Cell Bio Dome is a little powerhouse from Holland that bears almost no resemblance to other seed kits, which tend to produce spindly sprouts with curled-up roots and limp stems. The seedlings in Park's Bio Dome with 40 Jumbo Cells grow to a uniform height and width, thanks to the spacious distance between each growing cell. And our growing medium -- the Bio Sponge -- encourages root growth downward, NOT in an upward spiral that eventually strangles the plant! With the Bio Dome, you place only one seed in each Bio Sponge, which really helps stretch out today's smaller seed-count packets. The only seeds unsuitable for the Bio Dome are very large ones (which you would want to direct-sow, anyway) and root vegetables needing space to grow their tuber, such as carrots, beets, and radishes.