Parks Whopper II Hybrid Pepper (pack of 3)

Park's Whopper II Hybrid Pepper (pack of 3)

The Whopper is Back, Better than Ever!

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Mild Zones and South 6-11
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It's back and even better than before! A customer favorite for many years, Park's Whopper Bell Pepper returns with better disease resistance, higher yields, and even more delicious fruit!

Fully 4 inches across and 4 inches long, this giant main-season bell is unsurpassed for appearance as well as taste! Inevitably drawing astonished stares in our trial gardens, the fruits have very thick walls and a sweet, juicy, crisp, and tender flavor perfect for raw or cooked eating.

Plants bear excellent yields, their foliage shielding the fruit from sunscald. As the peppers mature, they turn from bright green to red and the flavor sweetens still further. Resistant to tobamo po virus and bacterial leaf spot, Whopper II receives top ratings from Florida to California! We are proud to give it our stamp of approval, the High Performer symbol.

The Whopper is grown in big 4-inch pots and sold in packs of three.