Parks Whopper Strawberry

Park's Whopper Strawberry

A winter-hardy June-bearer!

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Park's Whopper Strawberry is a favorite across the U.S. and Canada for its superb adaptability and tough performance in the face of adversity! This June-bearer boasts unrivalled winter hardiness, thriving even in the upper limits of zone 3. And you'll just love the flavor of these plump, bright red, juicy berries!

Park's Whopper is a heavy-bearing strawberry, easy to grow and very productive. It blooms in mid- to late spring, with handsome FRAC12>-inch flowers, and then sets a big crop of ultra-sweet, tender fruit. Expect to harvest 1 to 3 pints from every plant!

Like most strawberries, Park's Whopper spreads by runners, reaching just about 6 inches high but spreading more than a foot wide. Space plants 12 inches apart for dense coverage.

This is the strawberry to grow if you have uncooperative soil or unpredictable weather. It is a classic that has been tried and found superior in garden after garden, season after season! Among the best fruit crops for the home gardener, it proudly bears the Park's Whopper name! Zones 3-8. Pack of 20