Party Dress Groundcover Rose

Party Dress Groundcover Rose

Repeats All Summer!


What's this?

Groundcover roses are a glorious way to carpet the garden floor in brilliant color, and Party Dress is one of the best of the best. This single-flowered beauty reaches no more than 2 feet high, spreads 3 feet wide, and covers itself in flamingo pink all summer long!

Use this rose to cover bare soil on slopes and inhospitable areas such as along the driveway or in street islands. It makes a fine front line of the foundation, spilling onto pathways and helping keep weeds at bay. You could even use it as a low, informal hedge. The possibilities are endless!

These single blooms face upwards, sometimes sporting paler pink to white reverses, and really standing out nicely against the small, olive-green foliage. Quick to grow and spread, Party Dress will change the look of your landscape forever!