Paw Paw Mango Asimina

Paw Paw Mango Asimina

Refreshing Fruits on a Charming Native Tree

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With a name like 'Pawpaw' you might not know quite how to approach this unusual tree. Rest assured friends, weird nomenclature aside, this native tree is a real treat! It produces oblong 3 to 6 inch greenish-yellow fruits have a burst of sweet and complex flavors that falls somewhere between mango, banana and vanilla custard. Talk about wild! This unique tree is attractive and its fruits so oddly tropical in taste that they hardly seem native to the US.

Pawpaw Mango requires another Pawpaw variety to pollinate it so that it may bare fruit. Its fruits are great in recipes and are good for canning and ripen in October of its 5 to 7th year.