Pepper Lola

Pepper Lola

A bounty of sweet, colorful fruits!

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70 days. This thick walled, sweet, color changing pepper is disease resistant and vigorous. These extra-large fruits have a great sweet banana pepper taste and are widely adapted. High yield potential! These delicious peppers start as a pale yellow/green color and vibrantly change to red, orange, and yellow! They are great for slicing and can be added to any recipe for an extra bite! Long and slender peppers hang on this medium green colored robust plant.

Start the seeds indoors about 7 to 10 weeks before the last scheduled spring frost in your area. Peppers like warm soil and frost-free nights, so wait to transplant the seedlings until they have at least 2 sets of true leaves and spring is well underway. Fertilize when the flowers begin to appear, and keep the moisture level even throughout the growing season if possible.

From sweet to spicy to downright sizzling, there's a perfect Pepper for everyone! Our wide selection includes just what you're looking for -- whether you're wanting a fresh and colorful garnish for your salads or you need to spice up those Mexican and Oriental dishes or you're simply looking for a tasty and nutritious snack food, our Peppers are happy to provide. Keep reading and learn just what you need to know to grow the biggest and most delicious harvest of Peppers you've ever had! And if you've never attempted to grow these versatile veggies before, now is the time!